1D Preference #83: He’s your best friend’s brother.

Harry: You were sleeping over at your friend’s house, the usual friday night. What wasn’t usual was the looks her older brother, Harry, was giving you. He  was like your brother too, the 3 of you hung out quite often. But tonight, you caught him checking you out and smirking at you all the time. You gave him a confused look and he winked. “I’ll be right back!” Your friend said and walked upstairs. “You’re acting weird. What do you want?” You could barely finish before he jumped on top of you, kissing you. He pulled away when he heard his sister coming back downstairs, but before he jumped off of you, he looked straight into your eyes. “You.” He ran to the other couch and smiled innocently as his sister came into view, giving you an occasional smirk.

Niall: Your best friend’s family decided to take you with on their family trip to their lake house. “Wake up, ya slow poke!” Your friend tried to wake you. “I’ll be at the beach, get your ass out of bed and meet me there!” She laughed. “Okaaay.” You mumbled, and eventually got out of bed. You threw on your bikini and were putting your hair up in a sloppy ponytail when Niall walked in. “Oh, sorry.” He blushed. You rolled your eyes. “It’s fine!” You laughed. But he remained in the doorway. “You’re really pretty, [Y/N].” He smiled. “And you look amazing in that bikini.”

Zayn: Your best friend was having a big sleep over at her house, she invited 4 friends and her brother Zayn invited 4. All 10 of the teenagers were crowded in a circle on the floor, talking and making jokes, playing games. “Alright, truth or dare, [Y/N]?” One of Zayn’s friends asked. “Uhhhmmm, dare!” You said, but regretted it right away. “Wait, no, truth!” You stammered. “Too late.” He winked. “I dare you to kiss Zayn.” You both blushed as they pushed Zayn towards you. He made the first move, and leaned in to kiss you, smiling. But he didn’t pull away from you right away, and the boys began to cheer and you heard your friend say “Ewww.” You finally pulled away after awhile and blushed. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” He winked.

Louis: “Hey, [Y/N]!” Louis answered the door. “She’s not home right now, you can still come in if you want!” He smiled. “Oh, okay.” You smiled and walked in, sitting on the couch. You didn’t have a problem with spending alone time with Lou, he was almost as much as your friend as his sister was. He jumped on the couch next to you, snapping on the tv. “You know..” He mumbled. “She’s actually not going to be home for a while…” He leaned in and pressed his lips to yours, pushing you down so he was on top of you. You both heard the front door open, and he jumped off of you, blushing. “Okay, maybe she came home sooner than I expected. But there’s always next time.” He winked.

Liam: You 3 were having your usual movie night, and your friend dozed off. “[Y/N].” he whispered. “You still awake?” You laughed, “Yeah!” You crawled up on the couch to sit by him. “She’s snoring.” You giggled. “I’m going to grab a blanket,” You said, getting up, but he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you on his lap, wrapping his arms around you. “better?” He asked. “Yes, actually.” You smiled. “Don’t tell my sis, but I think you’re really cute.” He winked. “Don’t tell your sis, but i think you are too.” You laughed, and he leaned in to kiss you. Your friend began to move around, and you two jumped off of each other. “Why are you over there, [Y/N]?” She mumbled in her sleep and then closed her eyes again, both of you laughing. He gave you a quick kiss and then let you go back to your spot on the other couch.